August 30, 2023

Tusaar Corp Joins the Global Rare Earth Industry Association

The Rare Earth Industry Association (“REIA” or the “Association”) is pleased to report that Tusaar Corp (“Tusaar” or the “Company”) has become a member of the Association.

Tusaar is a Colorado based company commercializing a unique and effective rare earth extraction and mixed REO production technology with application in processing virgin ores or secondary source materials.

For over a decade, Tusaar has been perfecting its proprietary media and chemical process for recovering REEs. The Company currently operates a US DoD funded large-scale pilot facility recovering REEs from mine wastes in Broomfield, Colorado.

Gautam Khanna, CEO of Tusaar Corp., commented, “We are thrilled to now be a part of this vital and growing organization. The Tusaar REE extraction process has proven resilient in multiple environments and is an ideal solution for long standing issues facing the industry – the presence of unique contaminants that are difficult to isolate. Tusaar’s environmentally-friendly platform saves water, avoids volatile organics by utilizing environment-friendly chemicals, decreases energy usage, and minimize residuals in comparison to conventional technologies. We have now successfully scaled our process and look forward to working with REIA members in solving issues related to their rare earth production and quality”.

Dr. Badrinath Veluri, President of REIA, commented, “We are very pleased to welcome Tusaar to REIA, as our newest member. The Company’s activities in the processing of rare earths will be of significant interest to our existing members. We look forward to working with Tusaar and to building a strong partnership”.

About Tusaar Corp

Tusaar was established in 2009 to commercialize a metal sequestering technology developed at the University of Colorado. The development and research have been funded by the US the US Department of Energy and the US Dept. of Defence. Over this time Tusaar has been perfecting its proprietary media and chemical process for recovering rare earth elements (REE). Tusaar has demonstrated the recovery of rare earths from many sources ranging from coal fly ash, geothermal brines, recycled fluorescent light bulbs, and now mine wastes. The highly efficient separation of REE finds application in treating virgin ores, mining and industrial by products and recycling. Additionally, Tusaar is developing processes for battery and other critical materials. Learn more at

About the Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA)

The Rare Earth Industry Association is a global, Belgium-based not-for-profit organization founded in 2019. REIA’s mission is to serve, promote and advance the sustainable development of the global rare-earth-element value chain. The Association’s 75 members are drawn from across the entire REE value chain, including public and private companies, research and academic institutions, government entities, policymakers, and other stakeholders. REIA is currently developing a framework and guidelines to help standardize ESG reporting accepted by upstream, midstream, and downstream participants. The Association provides its members with a platform for networking and benchmarking; for making their voice heard by policymakers, regulators, and other key stakeholders; for finding potential partners and collaborators; for accessing and sharing data, information, and best practices; and gaining visibility and highlighting their engagement towards a more sustainable supply chain.

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