Brussels, Belgium – March 27, 2024 – The Rare Earth Industry Association (“REIA” or the “Association”) is pleased to report that REEgen Inc. (“REEgen” or the “Company”) has become a member of the Association.

REEgen is developing environmentally friendly, biological processes to extract and to purify rare-earth elements using engineered microbes. REEgen recognises the need to create a circular economy and to close the gap between supply and demand for these critical metals, and is focusing on rare-earth recovery from secondary sources, such as consumer by-products and industrial residues. REEgen is currently exploring partnerships with source providers and rare-earth buyers.

Dr. Alexa Schmitz, Chief Executive Officer and founder of REEgen, commented, “We are excited to join such an important global organization that is at the forefront of supporting the rare-earth industry. At REEgen, we have a vision to create clean processes for rare-earth production, and we want that vision to reflect a global perspective for the future of these critical metals. We look forward to collaborating with REIA members as we work towards a solution to recover and recycle rare earth elements.”

Dr. Badrinath Veluri, President of REIA, commented, “We are very pleased to welcome REEgen to the Association, as our newest member. We salute the Company’s initiative in the recycling of rare earths, recognising that it should benefit from REIA’s strong industry network. We look forward to working with REEgen and to building a strong partnership.”

About REEgen

REEgen Inc. is a US-based start-up founded in 2022, to advance sustainable and clean processes for rare-earth-element recovery and production. The Company innovates at the intersection of biotechnology and mining, engineering solutions and systems for critical-metal manufacturing. Recognizing the importance of rare-earth elements for the clean energy transition, REEgen is dedicated to promoting a circular economy for these critical elements. Headquartered in Ithaca, NY, USA, REEgen was spun out of Cornell University’s Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering. Learn more at


About the Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA)

The Rare Earth Industry Association (“REIA” or the “Association”) is a global, Belgium-based not-for-profit organization founded in 2019. REIA’s mission is to serve, promote and advance the sustainable development of the global rare-earth-element (“REE”) value chain. The Association’s more than 80 members are drawn from across the entire REE value chain, including public and private companies, research and academic institutions, government entities, policy makers and other stakeholders. REIA is currently developing a framework and guidelines to help standardize ESG reporting accepted by upstream, midstream, and downstream participants. The Association provides its members with a platform for networking and benchmarking; for making their voice heard by policy makers, regulators, and other key stakeholders; for finding potential partners and collaborators; for accessing and sharing data, information, and best practices; and gaining visibility and highlighting their engagement towards a more sustainable supply chain.


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