Membership of REIA is open to private and public bodies operating in the rare earth value chain. Membership fees are based on size, turnover, and scope of the organization requesting membership.

REIA Membership Development

  • The REIA members are representing
    a balanced-out stakeholder cloud within the global REE value chain, including following players:

    – SME
    – Global corporate
    – Academic
    – Governmental
    – NGO
  • The REIA management have the strategic target to grow its member base
    into a balanced-out projection of global REE products related value chains, including e.g. following products:

    – materials for permanent magnets
    – catalysts & batteries
    – lighting materials
    – glass & ceramics

Activities of REIA: 3 workstream structure

Workstream 1: Network for RE stakeholders

Workstream 2: RE value chains risk analysis

Workstream 3: Options for sustainable supply

Value-add proposal to members

  • The development of Networking, and Upscaling Projects, initiated and co-managed by the REIA management, will add substantial value to the contributing REIA members.
  • It is suggested to set up work groups for general and technical upscaling projects, e.g. :

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