September 19, 2023

Magneti Ljubljana Joins the Global Rare Earth Industry Association

The Rare Earth Industry Association (“REIA” or the “Association”) is pleased to report that Magneti Ljubljana d.d. (“Magneti” or the “Company”) has become a member of the Association.

Magneti Ljubljana is a European manufacturer of permanent metallic magnets, bonded magnets and magnetic assemblies and special alloys with a long-lasting tradition, since 1951.

Based in Slovenia, the company is focusing on the development of technologically advanced products and processes, aiming to become a global manufacturer.

Dr. Milana Karajić, Strategic Project Manager at Magneti, commented “For our company Magneti Ljubljana, d.d., to join the REIA association means we are not only focused on the manufacturing side of the business, but we would like to share our experience and talk about the current market issues, and how we can all work towards establishing healthy industries that are directly involved to Rear Earth topics. Our company is European manufacturer of sintered and cast AlNiCo magnets, sintered SmCo and NdFeB magnets, PA and PPS bonded NdFeB magnets as well as magnetic systems based on these products. We have developed and started commercially selling filament that enables 3D printing of bonded magnets on conventional FDM / FFF 3D printers and 3D printed bonded magnets. Our focus is also on recycling, circular economy, reduction of CO2 emission and sustainable production”.

Dr. Badrinath Veluri, President of REIA, commented, “We are very pleased to welcome Magneti Ljubljana as our newest member, one of the few companies in Europe that still retains the technology and capacity to produce rare earth permanent magnets in EU. We find synergy with them in developing a sustainable and diversified magnet supply chain and look forward to building a strong partnership”.

About Magneti Ljubljana, d.d.

Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia Magneti Ljubljana, d.d. is a permanent magnet producer with a long tradition. Through its regular operation and various development projects, frequently in cooperation with research institutions, the company and their employees have gained broad competencies in basic permanent magnet production process, as well as supporting technologies, measurement techniques and in the design of materials, machines and automated magnet or magnetic system production lines. Magneti Ljubljana also has experience in cooperating in or running projects according to the requirements of the automotive and rail industries. Magneti Ljubljana is constantly monitoring the advancement in new magnetic materials development and is quite successful in developing its own materials and production processes in the attempt to be able to produce as “state-of-the-art” materials as possible. Obviously, the main motive is the sustainable growth and profitability of the company. The company has a R&D department which, frequently in cooperation with external institutions, runs internal material development projects. One of the most recently introduced technologies the company is injection moulding, which is used either for production of magnets or for production of complex magnetic systems. With injection moulding technology, complex shaped magnets in a wide range of dimensions can be produced within very narrow tolerances. The company is able to produce bonded magnets based on various types of magnetic materials (the most common being NdFeB), using either compounds supplied by commercial compound suppliers or compounds produced inside the company, based on commercially available magnetic powders. Learn more at

About the Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA)

The Rare Earth Industry Association is a global, Belgium-based not-for-profit organization founded in 2019. REIA’s mission is to serve, promote and advance the sustainable development of the global rare-earth-element value chain. The Association’s 75 members are drawn from across the entire REE value chain, including public and private companies, research and academic institutions, government entities, policymakers, and other stakeholders. REIA is currently developing a framework and guidelines to help standardize ESG reporting accepted by upstream, midstream, and downstream participants. The Association provides its members with a platform for networking and benchmarking; for making their voice heard by policymakers, regulators, and other key stakeholders; for finding potential partners and collaborators; for accessing and sharing data, information, and best practices; and gaining visibility and highlighting their engagement towards a more sustainable supply chain.

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