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CSyARES Online Workshop on Rare Earth Product Category Rules (PCR)

DATE : February 29, 2024


As REIA recently announced, the EPD International has published a Product Category Rules (PCR) document on rare-earth concentrates, oxides, metals, and magnets. REIA developed the document in collaboration with Minviro, who moderated a committee of rare-earth industry stakeholders, including REIA members, to formulate the PCR. The PCR provides instructions for how life-cycle assessments (LCAs) should be conducted for rare-earth products, from mine to oxide production, oxide to metal conversion, and metal to magnet manufacturing.

PCRs do not yet exist for all products in all sectors, which makes it difficult for many companies to compare and to communicate the environmental performance of their products. In particular, there was no PCR available for assessing the environmental impacts of rare-earth elememtn (REE) production and processing across the supply chain.

Please join us for an online training to elevate your understanding and proficiency in applying the product category rules for your rare earth containing products. We will take you through the PCR document during the webinar and train you on how to apply the rules and guidance developed in the PCR to conduct an LCA for REE value chain. We will discuss a number of issues centred around evaluating the environmental sustainability of REE value chain, including goal and scope of PCR, technical specifications and REE product categories, system boundary, cut-off rules, allocation rules, data-quality requirements and so on. 

Date: February 29, 2024

Time: 2:00 PM (CET)



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