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REIA 3rd LCA Workshop: Scaling Rare Earths for a Sustainable World

DATE : December 17 - 18, 2020


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Rare earths are critical metals, which various green technologies heavily depend on. How to scale rare earth industry for our sustainable future? At present, there is no single environmental footprint representing the rare earth sector. Thus, when the industry and its consumers wish to market themselves as environmentally friendly, they face a confusing range of choices and methods for environmental evaluation. We also need a framework to allow us to carry out LCAs with a consistent methodology and the project data should be integrated with downstream users and end-of-life it. REIA invites experts for their valuable experience and insights for sustainable policies and practices toward a green rare earth industry. Polestar will present the latest environmental footprint analysis comparing their electric and Volvo ICE models along with other speakers. Please join us for this online training workshop featuring leading researchers sharing their insights into these increasingly significant issues for modeling REEs in Life Cycle Assessment.

Programme agenda

10.00-10.05 Welcome & Introduction, Badrinath Veluri Grundfos & REIA President
10.05-10.35 Environmental Footprint of Polestar: An LCA perspective, Lisa Bolin, Polestar.
10.35-10.45 Q&A
10.45-11.15 Practice and progress of REE environmental governance in China, Prof Lu Wang, State Key Laboratory of Integrated Exploitation of Bayan Obo Multi-Metal Resources, China.
11.15-11.25 Q&A
11.25-11.55 Substance flow analysis of rare earth and contribution of international standard for its recycle from end-of-life product, Shinichirou Morimoto, AIST, Japan.
11.55-12.05 Q&A
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