Life Cycle Assessment Matters: REIA-EIT RawMaterials Workshop on Scaling Rare Earths for Sustainable World

DATE: 12 May 2020

TIME: 8.30-5.30

LOCATION: Brussels

Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2020

EIT House: Rue Guimard 7, Brussels, 1000

Time: 8:30AM – 5:30 PM CET


Rare earths are widely considered as critical metals, which various green technologies heavily depend on. How to scale rare earth industry for our sustainable future? At present, there is no single environmental footprint representing the rare earth sector. Thus, when the industry and its consumers wish to market themselves as environmentally friendly, they face a confusing range of choices and methods for environmental evaluation. The Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) proposed its state-of-the-art method as a common way of measuring the environmental performance of rare earths demonstrated at its first life cycle assessment workshop hosted at Brussels. The REIA second life cycle assessment workshop is scheduled for 1 April 2020 in Brussels. REIA will launch its global first life cycle environmental footprint, and also invite experts for their valuable experience and insights for sustainable policies and practice toward a green rare earth industry. Please join us for a training workshop featuring leading researchers from around the world sharing their insights into these increasingly significant issues for modeling REEs in Life Cycle Assessment.  

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Learn how LCA for REEs is conducted and how these can be applied for eco-design of products, based on real examples


Master and PhD students, Consultants and Companies


For Academic Participants: Euro 150

For Industrial and General Participants: Euro 250

REIA Members: Free

Maximum Participants: 25

Participants are requested to bring their laptops


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